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2-Way Body
SCB Line Bodies Product Sheet
Cavity Standard Model

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FC06-2 SCB06-2-04T FC06-2 cavity with SAE-04 ports (non HF cavity) $ 18.00 EA
VC08-2 SCB08-2-04T VC08-2 cavity with SAE-04 ports $ 24.75 EA SCB08-2-06T, SCB08-2-08T
VC08-2 SCB08-2-06T VC08-2 cavity with SAE-06 ports $ 19.00 EA SCB08-2-04T, SCB08-2-08T
VC08-2 SCB08-2-08T VC08-2 cavity with SAE-08 ports $ 19.00 EA SCB08-2-04T, SCB08-2-06T
VC10-2 SCB10-2-06T VC10-2 cavity with SAE-06 ports $ 21.00 EA SCB10-2-08T
VC10-2 SCB10-2-08T VC10-2 cavity with SAE-08 ports $ 22.25 EA SCB10-2-06T
VC12-2 SCB12-2-10T VC12-2 cavity with SAE-10 ports $ 37.50 EA SCB12-2-12T, SCB12-2-16T
VC12-2 SCB12-2-12T VC12-2 cavity with SAE-12 ports $ 35.50 EA SCB12-2-10T, SCB12-2-16T
VC12-2 SCB12-2-16T VC12-2 cavity with SAE-16 ports $ 37.50 EA SCB12-2-10T, SCB12-2-12T
VC16-2 SCB16-2-12T VC16-2 cavity with SAE-12 ports $ 35.00 EA SCB16-2-16T
VC16-2 SCB16-2-16T VC16-2 cavity with SAE-16 ports $ 36.75 EA SCB16-2-12T